Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Found Things -Foundlings

At school we had to create objects of beauty from "found materials". These materials could be washing up bottles, toilet rolls, card, yogurt pots shiny paper, etc.. Well we made what we made!!

Jacqui Temple-Smees, loves making interesting and unique items of jewellery from vintage and discarded objects. has found loads of vintage stuff at charity shops, car boot sales, vide greniers and of course our favourite, secret, rummaging ground down here in South West France, has created some beautiful pieces.

vintage glass flower necklace

As a great believer in serendipity, she enjoys nothing more than
exploring old tins and boxes,and like some of us, even buys the
old tin and box, takes it home and creates!

rose pendant

Influenced by collage artists (such as Joseph Cornell), Mucha and
Art Nouveau, Vintage Ephemera, Victoriana, Surrealism and
'50's graphic design. To see more of her work go to

Fairy brooch

One of her designs, a foundling necklace, was inspired by the eclectic tokens left at the Foundling Hospital in London, in the 18th Century. These tokens included buttons, thimbles, a swatch of fabric- telling a story. All can be seen at 'Threads of Feelings' Exhibition at the Foundling Museum.

Who would have thought that a tiny token left with a baby would
tell the story of heartbroken mothers who had to abandon their children.

Foundling necklace

It's such a priviledge to find ourselves amongst such creative people, and to live in such a beautiful area. That's it I'm off to rummage and make!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Wild Colours in the Woods

Not only have we enjoyed all the obvious benefits of an unseasonably warm autumn, but as the days get shorter (and with the turning back of the clocks), mother nature has decided it surely must be time for trees to drop their leaves and at least prepare for the possibility of a colder season ahead.

The result has been the most fabulous autumn colours in this part of France that I have experienced. Something to share and inspire n'est pas?

We always assume here at Les Soeurs Anglaises that people wishing to attend one of our workshops want to be here during the warmer months when they can utilise the swimming pool and we throw open the windows 24/7. But after the last few months we have had to reassess and, in future, will extend our workshop period to include April and October. L'Espace is to be insulated and heated throughout and whilst admittedly one might need to wear a few more layers of clothing, there are all the added ingredients here of a wood fire, long walks in the almost pyschedelically coloured woods around here a chance to enjoy some of the more wintery local produce, like the famous Dordogne truffes noires.

We'll be announcing our new website and emailing our November newsletter with more information very soon, but to literally whet your appetite just look at the amazing colours and textures of The Jewels of NY's food! How exciting that they will be opening our 2011 season with a five day workshop in April. Personally, I can't wait....