Saturday, 27 February 2010

Add a Little Flower

From time to time Susie - our consummate reader of fiction - will review her favourite book of the moment (as her little sister I am inclined to follow her lead as her recommendations can generally be guaranteed). However if you are interested in joining something a little more organised, try Cornflower Books, a terrific on-line book "club" that allows you to read reviews and also comment on recommended titles.

To quote, their modus operandi is to....... "write an introductory post on the book which appears on a set day, then it's over to everyone else to have their say in the comments. The thread system means it is easy to make your own point or answer individually those made by other people, and there is no limit to how many times you can comment as the page remains open so that when you're struck by a crucial insight in the middle of the night you can come back and share it with us later!" It's a great way to get unbiased inside information on the latest and greatest and you'll soon find whose literary views are most in tune with your own.

We were recently in touch with one of our favourite book shops in the world, Daunt Books and they have kindly put together a list of suitable travel books for people planning to join us for one of our workshops. Definitely worth a gander (Daunt's list)
Daunts have survived the recent high street massacre and shown us the importance of good service, quiet surroundings and great selection when running a successful bookshop that punters actually enjoy visiting. Coffee shops and large open areas may suit some, but others of us are happier with the traditional alternative...

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