Monday, 20 June 2011

Fancy That.....

Susie with our first Korean participant, Agnes Kim

With Susie Cowie's embroidery workshop over - our second in less than six weeks - we now have a little time to gather our thoughts and prepare for Rachel Hazell's amazing Book Art five-day extravaganza! The welcome return of a hugely creative individual who is always happy to share her hard-earned skills and enthusiam.

Looking down from the mezzonine at the workers

The weather has been less than kind since Patricia Roberts' crowd left, but the huge, light space of l'Espace allowed the embroidery participants to forget the elements for a few days and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts in a safe and stylish environment.

Nancy Rignall's work in progress

Even the intimate art of stitching felt comfortable stretched along the beautiful, long oak tables; a little light music played on the newly installed sound-system from time to time, and there was the opportunity for everyone to show their ideas and and share their skills.

Felicity Shum from Selvedge Magazine displays what she is gong to work on

Lydia Esparza's inspiration: Diego Rivera

Nancy is first in line to taste Sheila's cakes

Our last afternoon always finishes with a High Tea - this time, Sheila Harris did the honours with the most delicious carrot and cheese cakes.

Jackie Jewezki shares a joke with Susie

Finally supper at the Maison de Maitre. One or two people were leaving early the next morning so farewells were said (and even a tear or two).

Next up is Rachel Hazell's Book Art workshop at the end of July. Sadly, one of our participants has had to drop out for health reasons so if the idea of learning (or improving) a hugely creative and original skill appeals, let us know ASAP and we'll pencil you in.

Meanwhile, dear ladies, check out a brand new website, The Style Director - a brand new site designed and conceived to help busy, stylish women find their essential wardrobe building blocks - without wasting time going from shop to shop or website to website. It looks like they have sourced all those luxury basics designed to stand the test of time, down to a handpicked few. With the help of their own style icons, each of the eleven categories features a "hero piece" with four alternatives to choose from. We think it's a brill idea that could save you hours of trawling through shops or the Internet and they would love to hear your comments. Don't forgt to put the site on your favourites list and check back from time to time as they'lll be adding and replacing pieces on a daily/weekly/seasonal basis.

Go for it!


  1. Thank you so much for keeping me on your e-mail list. How I yearn to eventually be able to attend one of your workshops!

    My knitting library is filled with Patricia Roberts books I begain collecting long ago. I have made many sweaters using her detailed, colorful, multi-stitches designs.

    Best wishes!

  2. Oh Katie - I soooo wish that I could come for the Rachel Hazell Book Art!
    Sue and I are both missing France so much......

    Good that the Susie Cowie workshop was so successful! I saw another blog about it and it made me smile. Nice to see your photos.

    I will write soon about "next year" and what we can come up with.
    My great love to you. Miss you tons!
    Hi to Mike, Carol and Dave xoxoxoxoxo