Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Just a thought......

If you are wildly thrashing around in a pre-Christmas frenzy, trying to think of something original and relevant to ask your best-beloved to give you for Christmas, below you'll find our literally life-affirming suggestions.

For 2012 Les Soeurs Anglaises have chosen our favourite teachers to lead five amazing creative workshops.  You'll find many more details on our website, but when you've decided which one's for you, you need only send a deposit of £250/$392 and we'll  confirm a place (you can let us know your choice of accommodation, at leisure, after the Christmas madness).  

To maintain a welcoming, intimate atmosphere and a high level of attention to detail, we keep our workshop numbers to less than one a month between May and October, and our participant numbers to between 12 and 15.  As a result places on one or two are now full or running low; but we've listed the ones where there is still availability.  2012 looks like our busiest year so far and if you think you might like to join us we suggest you don't leave it too long.  

It's as simple a pinging the button below to pay through PayPal with one of the cards below, but if you would like more information about the various events or accommodation options, do contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions. 

The Fabric of Photography 

to be led by Jasprit Singh
3rd to 9th May (5 days/6 nights)
Places still available


Knitting with Colour and Clarity

to be led by Patricia Roberts
31st May to 6th June (5 days/6 nights)
2 places still available


Summer Fetes & Puppet Shows

to be led by Julie Arkell


Botanical Collage

to be led by Catherine Girardeau Willis
5th to 11th September (5 days/6 nights)
Places still available


Woven and Sew Sculpture

to be led by Julieann Worral Hood
3rd to 9th October (5 days/6 nights)
Places still available


Lin et Vin
But if you and you better half simply want to be surrounded by beautiful vintage linens and spectacular French antiques, consider joining us for a very special weekend in July when we will be putting together a gastronomic extravaganza catered by a top chef and with vintage wines supplied from our own substantial cellars (Mike used to be the president of the Interesting Wine Club, in London).  

The meal will be followed by an opportunity to buy from celebrated collectors/vendors of all that is stylishly French, and the whole event is by invitation only for a limited number of guests.  If this sounds like something you might like to be part of, let us know ASAP and we will make sure your name is at the top of our list of invitees and the first to know exact dates, the name of the chef and experts, together with price(s).

Les Soeurs Anglaises is a supporter of the Cambodian Childrens Fund and all profits to them from this event will be donated.

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