Monday, 16 April 2012

better cooler than later.....

One things we're never short of down here in S W France is a good brocante:  for that read antiques fair/car boot sale.  The French haven't quite got the hang of the concept "going for a song", but there is generally one or two items that they can't see the value of.  Beautiful, but too specialized or functional to be of general interest.

linen and silk reeled around pieces of wood

wooden cotton spool with original sewing needles

traditional dressmaking dummy

Despite the crisply cold weather we are having at the moment (too cold still to open the pools), the forest hyacinths have decided they are going to dance whatever.  

The wisteria is a little behind them but also determined.

And, of course, the early birds......

Talking of which, here is one of Catherine Willis' divine collages - like all her creations she combines various media with organic "finds" to produce delicious effects.  She will be sharing her ideas and techniques at the workshop she's leading here is September this year.  

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  1. Those determined and beautiful early birds get my vote!