Tuesday, 26 February 2013

...charming Chorley...

Whilst in town we had an opportunity to drop into Jessie Chorley's delightful and greatly loved little shop, J&B, on Columbia Road (famous for it's Sunday flower market).  Whilst somewhat off the beaten track, it is certainly worth the effort of a special visit if only to check out the ever-changing, exquisitely hand-finished stock, but check beforehand to make sure it's open www.jessiechorley.com , and especially if you want to meet the lady herself.

Jessie's creativity is infectious and we are so looking forward to having her here to lead her first workshop for us in September.  It's looking pretty full already, but if you would like to join us, there are sometimes cancellations and you never know, you could be at the top of the waiting list!

The shop is literally bursting with beautifully put together creations to wear, to put on the wall, to store things in or give as gifts to special people.  


  1. What a charming shop. Wish I lived a bit nearer for a trip.

  2. yummmmmy!
    can't wait for the workshop!
    nice photos.....