Monday, 18 March 2013

...linen treasure...

With the better weather on its way, we are moving into the Brocante and Vide Grenier season down here in South West France.  Whilst the French are steadily becoming a little more savvy regarding prices (sometimes in a obdurate and silly way), it's still possible to find mouth watering treasures..  Last weekend's event sent me scurrying to a house closure sale  where I picked up several rolls of this beautiful hand-woven, pure linen that had apparently been sitting in a local old lady's armoire for decades.    After all the hard work involved in planting, harvesting, spinning and weaving, it had lain unused and uncared for until the family had decided to sell up.   The consensus was that it had been there since the early  20thC.

After giving it a good washing, this robust fabric has proven to be not only beautiful and easy to work with, but utilitarian in the true sense of the word.  As there is patently far too much for me to ever use in two life times,  I have decided to sell it by the meter on our Etsy site.  It's the sort of stuff that Italian interior decorators' dreams are made of - not too light and not too heavy - just perfect for furnishing, trousers and embroidery; and I know, from past experience, that it takes dyes like a dream.   

Hurry whilst stocks last.


  1. I would love to have some of it! I am in Colmar Alsace, how can I reach you? My blog is 'A l'ombre du jardin' and 'Les appliqués de Martine' and my email, amitié, Martine

  2. Do you have a date for Janet Bolton's workshop next year? I have met her in London years ago and love her work, it would be great if I could join it. I make appliqués since years as well and give you my blog if you would like to have a look, 'Les appliqués de Martine', hope to hear from you, avec toute mon amitié, Martine

  3. the linen looks amazing.... wow, what a find.
    Cannot wait to see what becomes of it in your hands, dear Katie!

  4. Drooling, Katie!
    The mind spins, the hands want to touch. I ditto Jone!
    xo- margo