Monday, 29 April 2013

... the tea lab...

It seems a shame to leave our beautiful studio-space empty when there is so much local talent and an obvious wish to share and enjoy arts and crafts.  We very occasionally have a space on our five-day workshops for non-residents, but we want to keep the ambience buzzing with good creative vibes for neighbours and friends meanwhile.

With this in mind Les Soeurs have opened their door as a weekly pop-in venue for a cup of tea and, from time to time, an afternoon workshop of the creative variety.  Our first session was a couple of weeks ago and last Friday, our lovely Emma Whigam (the very same Emma who does the fab mono-print icons for our website etc.) led a super-duper Lino Print afternoon.  Below are some photographs of the event and you can see how much everyone enjoyed themselves and the beautiful work they produced after only a few hours and with no previous experience - was it Emma's brilliant teaching methods, or just raw talent?.

Back to our Hare competition, and here are a few more recent submissions.  There's still time to send us a picture of your favourite Hare (competition closes this Friday) and, who know, you might be joining us for a 5-day workshop as our guest next year!

Mixed media hare by Lizz Harding

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