Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Like me, you may feel quite certain that the fluffy toy stage of your life has long passed, but before putting money on it, take a look at the creatures designed by one of the participants of a workshop here earlier in the summer.  Danielle Hanson is another super-creative artist who can make something beautiful out of anything you want to throw at her - ephemera, newspaper, lavender, felt, wool, whatever.   Her driving ideal seems to be that you don't know til you try and her latest foray into the world of childrens' toys is a company called RAGTALES where you'll find to-die-for gloriously soft toys that children and grand children will fall in love with and probably hold on to, as a family heirloom, for their own off-spring.

Hearing about my new grandson, Danielle generously sent me one of her edible (not literally) Darcy Bears, complete with jewel blue duffle coat and an almost too good for small children presentation box, lined with her own unique printed paper.  

To use her own words, "I am currently a designer and illustrator in the toy trade as well as a mum to 3 teenagers and a chaotic household. My life changed several years ago when I won a place on a Les Soeurs Anglaises' workshop where I met so many creative people;  together with the inspirational Julie Arkell they gave me the confidence, support and motivation to go for it.  Les Soeurs have a created a beautiful and magical venue." 

Danielle returned to Les Soeurs Anglaises (for the third time this summer  bringing her mother, the delightful Rosario) in order to share ideas and images once more and to work in an supportive and creative atmosphere whilst discovering new techniques and avenues of creativity she hadn't already been exposed to.

Good luck with your business plans, Danielle, you deserve it.......

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