Tuesday, 22 October 2013

end of season blues....

The last of our participants have packed their bags and left the glorious early October sunshine down here in south west France to return home with their knitting - the place seems very quiet indeed.  Marion Foale was a delight and her first workshop with Les Soeurs Anglaises was unanimously voted a great success; unaccustomed as she is to teaching groups, she came with body blocks for everyone, together with patterns and samples .... and lots and lots of ideas and techniques and tips which she enthusiastically shared.  

Participants with more finely tuned knitting skills, were shown by Marion how to design sweaters and skirts and hats to fit their various shapes and sizes perfectly  A few increases here, a few dart decreases there and hey presto, an item that looked as good on as in our imagination.  More maths than we've done since leaving school (thank goodness for calculators), but all to good effect and great for the brain cells.

We are so looking forward to Marion returning next year, if she can fit us in her already busy fashion business schedule.

Her are some more photographs of the final days of the workshop...


  1. Those flowers....the colors......so FALL....and sooooooooo beautiful.
    Take a deep breath, Katie, Carol and Susu.....
    ...much love.....xo

  2. Oh I just knew that the Marion Foale workshop was going to be fabulous. I will definitely be on the lookout for a 2014 session.

    Best wishes from New York.