Saturday, 22 March 2014

…. time to get cutting…..

If you haven't already started on your piece of our Textile Jigsaw of Words, this weekend might be a good time.  There's only a few weeks left now until our Reception with Raystitch (14th April) when our workshop leaders will all be casting a vote as to the best and most creative submission.  The prize for the winner is a free place on one of our workshops this year, where there are still places available, so hopefully worth the effort downloading the template and instructions, followed by a few hours of creative  stitching (don't forget your quote!)

To help you along, the talented and delightful Claire Wellesley-Smith, who is leading the Slow Colour and Stitch workshop for us in May, and whose superlative patchworks are continuously inspirational, has this advice:

"I've always loved searching out old unfinished scraps of patchwork and quilts. They are like little snapshots - the fabrics giving clues to their age and to the lives of the women who stitched them.   (By the way the hexagons shown in the image will be used at my workshop)."

And if that doesn't get you going, I've always found that when stuck for a idea, a long walk - especially at this time of year -  is what I need to get the creative flow moving.  There's nothing like the first of the spring flowers after a long cold winter to inspire.  Here are a few that are have felt brave enough to show show their faces round here recently…….

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  1. Katie, your photos are a huge inspiration. Just back from Oolie's......and ready to finish up a puzzle piece, or two. Thanks for those great pictures from your walks! xo