Sunday, 20 April 2014

.... and the winner is.....

At last!  All the workshop leaders have chosen their favourite jigsaw submissions and the majority verdict is that Claire Sounes' three beautifully executed and creative pieces made her a worthy winner. We are extremely grateful for the seventy plus entries from all over the world - we know how much thought and hard work was involved in thinking through and then creating each piece.  Everyone entered the spirit of the competition and we anticipate a beautiful final quilt (though it might be some months before it is completed);  our plan then is to auction it to raise funds for the Cambodian Childrens Fund

AS you can imagine, it was a tremendously difficult task for the workshop leaders to choose their favourite piece as there were so many brilliant submissions, but the three that Claire submitted  reached the finishing post with a majority of one vote! and she will be joining us for one of our workshops later this year.  Over the next few weeks, however, we will be posting photographs of many of the other submissions and cataloguing our progress with the quilt.  We very much hope that you have had as much fun as we have collaborating with this project.

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  1. Seeing all of Clare's entries is wonderful! Yes, agreed that she should be the winner, though I look forward to seeing the other entires, which I imagine are extra dinars themselves.
    Thanks for the competition, Katie! Gets the juices flowing - ready for the summer workshops at Briancon.
    Happy Easter! xo