Friday, 2 April 2010

Creative Workshop Stimuli

One of the really great things about running creative workshops at our house here in France is that you get to meet incredibly creative people! And I'm not just talking about the workshop leaders, although that goes without saying. Some participants arrive already creatively charged, ready to take on a new challenge or improve an existing one, like Rebecka Ryberg Skott, whose extraordinary photographs never cease to amaze (and entertain) me;

and Jone Hallmark, whose creativity never ceases.

Others present themselves on arrival as inexperienced or dabblers in the arts and crafts, but quickly discover through the workshop leaders' encouragement and teaching, the artist within, and head home with unique and beautiful items that bring back to life their neglected or forgotten creative inner child.

This is also very much the case with the Argentine Tango workshop led by London's top teachers, Bianca and Sasha of Rojo y Negro.

Cries of "Oh, I can't dance", or "I have two left feet" can be heard in the nervous mutterings of participants new to this amazing dance (mostly from the men it has to be said), but within a couple of hours, Bianca has demonstrated the basics and the fun of learning something completely new has become both stimulating, gratifying and totally rivetting. Of course, after only one workshop you can't expect to be able to dance the Argentine Tango as well as, say Geraldine Rojas, but does it really matter? The enjoyment you get from simply being able to hold your own on the dance floor, in time with the music, is pretty hard to beat. And learning the moves amongst an enthusiastic group of like minded people is the nearest you're going to get to the insouciant pleasure of our childhoods.

Returning to inspirational arts and crafts, take a look at Cathy Cullis' work. I recently discovered her beautiful and unusual stitch work and photographs and am now an avid follower of her inspirational blog. This one reminded me of Claire Montgomerie's colours whose workshop kicks off our 2010 season in May.

And if you're into second hand clothes take a gander at Prance and Swagger, where you can see, and buy online, some pretty fabulous fifties frocks (one or two perfect for the Argentine Tango) amongst lots of other vintage goodies - especially interesting for those of you living in the States as the postage charges will obviously be much lower.


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