Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bookbinding etc.

It's been a while since I've had time to add anything to this blog, but Rachel Hazell's workshop has just finished and I couldn't resist showing a few of my personal favourite "Extraordinary Expandable Sketchbook Journals" produced by both Rachel and her students over the five day workshop she led here.

More to follow in the next week or so in our August newsletter......


  1. oh my! what beautiful gems!
    I think that is a workshop that I would enjoy soooo much....
    thanks for the photos, katie, and for your sweet words on my last post.
    I find myself thinking about you so often during the day.....
    would really like to be doing some creating with YOU sometime!
    maybe we need to make that happen next time - getting you in there with the rest of us!
    what do you think?

    hello to all - hugs to mike and a great big one for YOU!!!!

  2. What wonderful work. I would love to see it up close. Just lovely.

  3. Wow, so interesting!
    Would love to make a book full of Vintage Fairy Tales;)