Friday, 27 August 2010


If any of you are wondering what we get up to at Les Soeurs Anglaises in between work and meals, here are some photos to give you glimpse. Amongst other things we have a secret brocante where we always spend a morning during the workshops; it is full to bursting with everything from old quills to 1930s vegetable catalogues to laundered linen coulottes, and there's generally a bit of a bun fight over the odd antique tea towel. It is usually followed with a show and tell of treasures found back at l'Espace. Past participants might recognise the establishment......

We also try to spend at least one evening at a local restaurant, and for our last workshop we chose Le Chateau de Mas de Montet (where, aparantly, Mitterand used to helicopter in for weekends with his mistress - oo la la). The hotel has recently passed into new ownership and the service and food have greatly improved since our last visit. We chose a beautiful evening and had a whole room to ourselves.

There was even an opportunity for a game of chess with a familiar face.

But then it was straight back to work the next morning, and whilst the sun had gone in for a few moments it was still plenty warm enough to have our fabulous new doors open with inspirational views of the valley below.


  1. very nice photos of "the secret place", Miss Katie! Love the views.

    Also, I love the photo of Mike at the chess board - a LOT!

    And, looks like you have started building a railing around the porch up at L'espace, on the kitchen
    ahhhhh, wish I was there.....

  2. hmmmmmm, this workshop looks a little tamer than ours was.......
    Still, it seems to have such creative!