Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas in Stitches

For me, Christmas is about people rather than presents, but it always shows you care if you can give someone you love - or even like a lot - something you've made rather than bought. And there is still time! A friend of mine has given me a pair of wrist warmers in the softest, warmest cashmere which she insists only took her a couple of evenings to make. Stylish, useful and every time I wear them, I think of her. I just love them!

And I, myself, recently managed to knit this little stripy hat for a friend's newborn; it really did take me less than a week sitting and knitting in front of the TV! And trust me, I'm not the world's fastest or most competent knitter.

So if you're knitting skills are basic, average or even excellent, beat a path through those hellish West End streets and head for Patricia Roberts shop in Knigthsbridge (which is itself a joy to behold) where she is offering Les Soeurs Anglaises' followers a 10% discount on any of her gorgeous yarns bought before the Big Day. Just take along a print-out of her page on our website and be inspired by the wools and colours and patterns. And if you just can't think of anything to knit for your beloveds, why not give them some of Patricia's yummy yarn and a pair of needles and they, too, can be inspired to make something for themselves once the festivities are over.

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