Saturday, 27 August 2011

Additions and Extractions

How wonderful is late summer in this part of South West France! Yes, we have wet days, with heavy grey clouds and threatening thunderstorms from time to time, but the warm days deep blue skies are regular enough to keep the the black dogs at bay.

The second flush of roses is always a surprise for some reason, filling the house and garden with colours and smells; and harvest time for fruit and veg is reaching a peak. We really can't get through all those yellow courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes and there is only so much bottling we can do.

At last the annex to l'Espace is almost complete.
Our new Julieann Worral Hood hare sculpture positioned on the law just outside l'Espace.

Wild flowers on either side of the steps leading up to l'Espace

The inspirational Paris studio of Catherine Willis - a dream space!

Our "Light Bulb" book, created by Rachel Hazel to collate the combined ideas and suggestions of each workshop.


  1. oh Katie - the roses are beautiful and the annex to L'espace looks magnificent!!


  2. yes congratulations Katie - it all looks utterly breathtaking.