Thursday, 29 September 2011

Another Year Another JA Special

Sincere apologies to all you Julie Arkell fans whom we couldn't quite squeeze onto her workshop this year. We really would have loved to have had you all here as it is always
such a fun event. From Day One, everyone seemed to gel - not so difficult with Julie around to get the ball rolling, but a joy nevertheless.

As usual Julie arrived with a well defined project to set the pace, though there was no pressure for anyone to do more or less than they wanted; and it wasn't long before participants were stuck-in on a myriad of divine creations.

Some of the practice flower broaches on display in LSA's garden one sunny afternoon.....

Some advice offered to those not quite sure what to use where .......

....and some buttons bought at the brocante to add a little colour & texture perhaps?

Meanwhile, back at the maison de maitre, lunch is prepared, by special cooks, Billy and Jane

The finished spread for lunch
...... whilst Cinderella Susu sorts out the laundry. Les Soeurs work hard to keep everyone happy and everything running smoothly; and from all the wonderful feedback we get it seems to work.


  1. The workshops and your entire environment look pretty fabulous. I am contemplating many creative excursions abroad (from NYC) next year and have your selection on my wavelength.

    Best wishes!

  2. Love the photos, Katie!
    So nice to "be there".......


  3. Jone just phoned me to say: "Immediately, go to the LSA won't believe it!!!!!" But, mais oui, I can believe it because I was there with you just one short week ago!!!! How I am missing the entire experience! I am so inspired to keep stitching, and expand upon Julie's projects over the last 3 summers at Briancon. The warmest "merci" to everyone at LSA for providing us with yet another incredible workshop! Katie, your photos are just lovely! LOVE- Oolie/Julie