Friday, 13 July 2012

...puppets and fetes....

Thus ends another fab workshop with Julie Arkell.  What a gal!  And what a group!  Dauntless in the face of hail storms this part of France hasn't seen for years, and flooding, damp trips to the Maison de Maitre for meals, and tight quarters on the music night.  

Julie getting in the spirit

Not a brilliant advertisement for Les Soeurs, you would think, except that it didn't seem to matter a dot to our enthusiastic stitchers!  Everyone was determined to have a good time - and good time was had indeed.  

Supper outside on a rare warm evening.

In fact, the extra time indoors simply meant our busy ladies were even busier creating beautiful puppets and bunting (apparently Americans only know them as "garlands" so were a little apprehensive about what they would be expected to make).  The final show was fantastic and stories behind the characters produced, a delightful bonus.

Some finished puppets

A visit to the local marche and our secret brocante was de rigeur  where endless treasures in the way of linens, cotton reels, buttons, boxes, you name it, were to be found and fought over.....  suitcases were filled to the brim -  some participants actually had to send back boxes with things they just couldn't squeeze in.

Talking of entertainment, Dave and Woody and Steve popped over for an evening of music and by the end of the session everyone was up reel in' and a'rockin', in fact  generally dancing their little socks off.

Dave on banjo, Woody on washboard (Steve just out of shot on right)

After the "grand tea-party" on the last afternoon, members of Les Soeurs team enjoy a rare photo-shoot


  1. And a brilliant time was had by all---even the mini typhoon you laid on especially for us couldn't spoil the week. Best wishes to everyone,Vera.

  2. Fantastic! Miss Arkell can bring together the most extraordinary groups of lovely people....
    I'm a bit envious of "having" to stay indoors and create - oh darn!
    Hope it wasn't too awful, though, and that everyone smiled right through!

    Thanks for posting, Katie, and updating all of us who weren't there....

  3. Looks absolutely wonderful!

  4. I had such a brilliant time, Not only was my body cared for, but my soul as well. My well is filled and I am ready to plan the year ahead. Thankyou so much for the attention and seamless way everyone worked to take care of the group. xxx Denise

  5. good times for body and soul are the best of times. i can see from Denise's comment that this was much more than "just" a workshop, the sort of event that lays foundations for all sorts of hitherto unsuspected possibilities, lives on in memory and nourishes for months to come.

  6. It looks like you all had another fab time together! meeting you all in 2010 not only fed my soul but changed my life for the better! Hope that one day I can join you again...xxxx

  7. I love your blog. One day I will join you for one of your fabulous's a promise to myself x