Thursday, 6 September 2012

... autumn nearly upon us...

Whilst the mornings and evenings definitely have a touch of coolness about them, by midday we are out and about in sleeveless t-shirts, and a dip in the pool is on the agenda.  Last weekend saw the regular village brocante, which seems to be getting bigger and better every month - which is great news for our textile workshop participants.  Here are a few of my finds....!

a set of pure linen tea towels with "CM' hand embroidered on each

a divine 1920's doll's dress

with matching slip, both embroidered with the initial "J"

an original nurse's apron from the 1930's

some unfinished smocking

 red and white buttons on hand embroidery

a piece of perfect stitching on the edge of a pink linen sheet

and finally a pair of stitched leather gloves for someone I know can make a donkey's ear out of a silk purse.

Homeward bound with my purchases, on a perfect French September afternoon, I came across of flock of geese in the middle of the road, on their way.... who knows where.  I tried to herd them away from the possibility of on-coming traffic and they finally flew off.... yes, further down the road!  I watched as they finally made their way to the side and safety.


When life is good here, it is paradise enow.....

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  1. Lovely finds. I'm dreaming of attending one of your workshops some day! Christine