Thursday, 30 May 2013

....coming soon.....

With Patricia Roberts' workshop just behind us and Julie Arkell's exciting event a few days away, we are anticipating a full house for Jone Hallmark's Sketchbook Thrillers in mid-August!   (waiting list only now)

Jone is a wonderful all round artist, a brilliant and enthusiastic teacher, and we know that her five days with us will be full of joy and exciting productivity.

Here is Jone working outside her home in the El Paso sunlight - her eclectic stitchings and fascinating journals only touch the surface of her creativity and insatiable curiosity.



  1. thanks for the kind words, Katie!
    Looking forward to being at Briancon in August with a roomful of fabulous women ready to try new things and find great inspiration!
    How lucky can we get?


  2. Wish I could come on jone's workshop too! So looking forward to being back at LSA in September