Saturday, 15 June 2013

... and then there was Julie.......

One thing we have discovered over the past few years is that when Julie Arkell joins us to lead a workshop there is never a dull moment!   So nothing new then at this year's, Bring a Story, Tell a Story, Make a Story.

Twelve participants travelled in from all over the world (though mostly Australasia this time, it seemed) on a sunny afternoon in June for five days of the Arkell treatment.  Before long they were cutting and stitching and sticking and papier mache-ing to their hearts' content, collating their memories and putting together their own "stories".   

Happy stitchers finding their own space and time

Silent concentration bathed in sunshine

A quiet moment for Julie beside the pool

Scouring our secret brocante for treasures

Julie and Bronwyn showing off their finery before dinner

Marie demonstrating her story-telling techniques

Our very own maison de maitre illustrated by Kelly 

The beautiful prayer for the hares, createdstyled and dressed by Tracey

Julie admiring Anna's rabbits

Breakfast time at Les Soeurs

Getting ready for the Show and Tell on the last day


    I like Julie's new hairstyle.....
    Looks like the workshop had good weather and lots of happy, creative attendees.....
    So nice to see L'Espace looking so busy.
    Thanks for posting so many lovely photos, katie.
    See you soon.... xo

  2. So dreamy. Thanks for looking after my sister Katie! Hopefully we will return together one day. x

  3. Never a dull moment with Les Soeurs Anglaises
    and never a dull moment with Julie:)
    See you soon

  4. So refreshing to see older women dressing in the "Mori girl" style!! On us more Mori Woman. Contrary to popular opinon, it flatters those of us over 40 with the forgiving shapes and layers.