Thursday, 20 June 2013

.... the talented mrs hallmark.....

For those of you lucky enough to be joining Les Soeurs Anglaises for Jone Hallmark's workshop in August,  you will have received by now her glorious list of suggested items to bring with you - from the placing of the stamps, through to the wonderful calligraphy it is a work of art, and a inspirational taste of what is to come.  Here is a copy of the one she sent to us (how lucky are we?).

We may just have to give up the cooking and join the fun (only joking)..

During our various workshops we ask participants to contribute to our "lightbulb book" wherein they can pass on useful information and ideas.  Recently, there was a suggestion to take a peek at two (new-to-us) magazines, one from the US and the other from Australia and both relatively new on the market.  Intrigued, we ordered a copy of each and were more than impressed with their innovative styles and content in nice-to-handle issues.   Whilst it's a tad irritating that they are all patently directed towards a younger generation (slight and tiny print for example which I shall address with the editors when time permits), they are chock-a-block full of unexpected and relevant articles, and simply beautiful photographs.  It's a new world out there, and not all bad.

Frankie / Australian

Kinfolk / USA

An earlier recommendation was Oh, Comley magazine;  this time a UK publication along the same lines, which is just a joy to open and drift through, picking up all sorts of unusual (and often very useful) information.  Issue 17 has just been published so it's been around a while already, but new to this neck of the woods.

Finally, a more mainstream mag from the US, Sweet Paul, which nevertheless delights with it's amazing illustrations - a real feast for the eye - and interesting creative ideas mixed in with tasty recipes - we would love to collaborate with Sweet Paul in some way in the future.   

photograph in current Sweet Paul by Hector Sanchez

Each and every one has a useful blog with interactive opportunities, so it's easy if you feel like contributing.  There are so many more ways than one to be creative.    


  1. Jane Hallmark's envelope is indeed a work of art ... something to save. Her workshop will certainly be a delight!

    Thank you also for the magazine intros. I have seen and admired Kinfolk, but the others were new to me.

    Best wishes.

  2. Katie! WOW!
    The envelope looks darn good in the photo - how FUN! What a sweet treat for me to see it as you received it.
    And I LOVE Sweet Paul so much....filled with inspiration, isn't it?
    I treasure the few copies I can find around here..... I'll have to look for the other ones - esp "kinfolk" Maybe I can find it somewhere nearby.


  3. My letter arrived! I am having fun looking for all the things I need.
    Should I bring some Frankie's with me? There is a male version by the same publishers called "Smith". It too is good reading.