Monday, 27 January 2014

…. living the dream…..

I know it's not very British to blow our own trumpet, but I have to confess we were tickled pink by the wonderful article written by Vinny Lee for the Times' newspaper.  Vinny and  photographer, Alexander James, spent a couple of days with us last summer and were blown away by L'Espace, our studio space and accommodation.  Little did we expect that six months later there would be a five page spread in the weekend Saturday Colour Supplement.  

If you want to read more here are the pdf files:  page 3, page 4, page 5

Meanwhile, our busy workshop leaders have been madly productive, supervising day courses, completing commissions and generally beavering away at what they do best.  Here are some photographs of what one or two of them have been up to since the new year.

Alison Kuller has been working on stitched bindings for her workshop with Jone Hallmark in July.

The lovely Claire Wellesley Smith continues to dye and stitch and create beautiful pieces in preparation for her event, Slow Colour and Stitch, here in May

Christine Green demonstrates to a student how it's done on one of her Patchwork Pearls

Jone Hallmark's beautiful book illustration - she'll be covering this technique during her workshop here with Alison Kuller in July

Rosalind Wyatt continues her extraordinary stitched calligraphy on commissioned work for a Ten Year wedding anniversary.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic spread in the paper....glad my place is booked.

  2. The article is FABULoUS, Katie.....yippee!
    And what a nice post......looks like fun, hunh?
    Happy week.......stay DRy......xo