Tuesday, 14 January 2014

…. a small step into 2014….

So, enough of grey skies and buckets of flood water.  Time for a bit of colour and commotion to brighten up our lives, so here are a few of our favourite blogs and photos and websites to bring a smile to your face.

Early primroses at Les Soeurs Anglaises

Moroccan spices / Hotel Villa Maroc, Essaouira

RayStitch for all your haberdashery needs and beautiful fabrics at a reasonable price

Felt balls, Marrakech souk.  What couldn't you do with these?

Just to brighten up wash day, farm-fresh clothes pegs from OhForCute/Etsy

Cheap and cheerful. bright and chunky jewelry from Impedimentavillage

The best knitting blog, ever - Purlbee

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