Monday, 16 June 2014

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It's OK to blow someone else's trumpet so we'd really like to share what Becky Dawson from Canada wrote about her experience here last year at Rosalind Wyatt's five day event:

"Rosalind is an excellent teacher!! I so loved her workshop. I cherish all my projects. Sign up for a brilliant visual and tactile class. Rosalind is so positive and inspiring!! What are you waiting for - she is the best!!"

Thanks, Becky, we really enjoyed your joyful participation and hope to see you again soon.

If you're inspired by exquisite hand-stitched calligraphy then you might like to join Rosalind's group here at the end of September, Grafted Words.  The event looks all set to be another  cracker so now is the time to sign up as we have only two places remaining.  

At first glance, Jessie Chorley's equally beautiful stitch work might look similar to Rosalind's but on closer inspection it is obvious that her style is less formal and more folksy.  If your taste is for edible vintage linens and personal ephemera, then her second workshop with us, Usable Treasures, later this summer might be right up your street.  Again, don't leave it too late to book as travel to and from this part of France becomes harder to organise for late August and early September.  If you need any help organising this, do get back to us and we may be able to help.

Here is a photograph of the fantabulous RenĂ©e Perle, muse of photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894 –1986) and wearing what looks like it could have been one of Jessie's very own finished outfits!!  

Lartigue took the photograph that we used on our last newsletter of the girls walking on the beach in the wind, and here is a wonderful quote of his that we have snatched from Rosalind Wyatt's website: 
"There is within me a spectator who looks on without worrying about any contingency, without knowing if what is happening is serious, sad, important, funny, or not.  A sort of being come from another planet just to enjoy the show.  A spectator, for whom everything is a puppet show, even – and especially – me!"

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