Monday, 30 June 2014

... sweet Julie A ...

How quickly our days with Julie Arkell seem to pass.  As usual we had a full house of enthusiastic stitchers from all walks of life and art, and although there was the occasional drop of warm rain, the weather was generally fine and the level of energy high!

Julie busy with some last minute preparations for the workshop in her little room above LSA's shop

On arrival at Angouleme train station or Bergerac airport we normally hand out name labels so we can tell at a glance which person is roomed where (but also to reduce everyones' stress level trying t remember each other's names over the first couple of days).  However, this year, Carol, our nominated transport manager, had the bright idea of suggesting that each participant make their own in advance of arrival.  Little did we think that they would see this as a creative challenge and the results were 100% more interesting than ours!

Home made name badges

Julie waiting for the crowds to appear

Torhild sharing her "creature"

whilst her beautiful little bird sat and waited

Toni, Kaye and Glenda discussing work in progress

The finished items

Vanessa Burroughs, one of Julie's students this year wearing her little girl

A drink at the local bar before.....

... a meal out with Asphyxia centre stage

Comparing items bought from the brocante

Time to go home but already looking forward to next year's workshop

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  1. FANTASTIC! The photos are lovely, as always, and looks like some familiar faces in the crowd....nice.
    I would love to be there for that workshop again someday....sigh.....such wonderfully creative women are big fans.....great group to be associated with. Big hugs, Katie - see you SOON!!! xo