Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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Yes, we're all as busy as summer bees down here in the sun!  Designer and illustrator, Jone Hallmark, and bookbinder extraordinaire, Alison Kuller, flew in from the States last Saturday to head up a week of "Open Studio" in l'Espace.  

setting up the studio in a new configuration
This is a first for Les Soeurs and it's proving to be something quite special allowing participants an opportunity to experience thoroughly the life in this beautiful part of France.  Everyone has brought their own work (and dreams) and found themselves a perfect space in the huge, light infused studio in which to create. The hydraulic door stays open all day and there is always the possibility of a dip to cool down in one of the pools if a break from work is deemed necessary.  This morning everyone scooted off to a local brocante in search of treasures, but now it's noses back down to the grindstone for some more serious creativity.

sorting out tools and materials
Jone and Alison had originally planned to run a workshop for us at this time, but we decided to give the Open Studio a try this year instead.  It's a new idea which allows an intimate group of participants (no more than 8) to bring along their own work and create alongside wonderful crafter/teachers without having a set "programme".  Everyone is happy to pool their skills and support each other.  Meals and transport are not included but accommodation and essentials are, and there is a fully equipped kitchen where communal meals can be made and eaten together.  In fact this first group, who have flown across the Atlantic, and driven up from Spain, to be here have decided to set up a dining area within the studio to take full advantage of the stunning views from the terrace.  Essentials are provided, but food can be bought either at the local marche, the village grocery store or at a supermarket a little further away (we have bicycles if you decide not to hire a car).  There are also several moderately priced cafe's and bistros to eat out at.

      ready to start work
We'll be posting more about these events over the next few months and whilst dates haven't been decided yet for 2015 (that's usually in September/October for the following year) if you think you might be interested in joining us for an "Open Studio Event" next year, let us know and we'll keep you posted.

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  1. I love this idea and I wish I could join another time. But I'll see you in September. Big hug to Jone..