Friday, 18 July 2014

....thinking ahead...

Whilst catching up with Les Soeurs Anglaises' emails in-between workshops I found myself absentmindedly surfing through various websites looking for yarns for winter projects and I came across a website shop called Quince and Co.  Sadly, it doesn't make sense for me to order yarn from the US, but I have downloaded several of their patterns - not free, I hasten to add, but not expensive either - and I'm particularly smitten by their shawls.  It was Julie Arkell who converted me (along with countless others), to the eponymous shawl and I have so many now that I've started knitting them for friends and relatives - how desperate is that?.  There's something very forgiving and satisfying about not having to worry if sleeves fit or seams are perfect (there aren't any),  and it's a pleasure to sit and knit these scarves and shawls.  Yes, you have to concentrate sometimes, but it really doesn't matter if they turn out smaller or larger than expected, you use the recommended yarn or needles; they work whatever size they end up.   Here are some of my current favourites:

And if you're looking for beautiful yarns with which to knit your chosen shawl, look no further than the fantabulous Isager Yarns.  I can personally recommend their Spinney and Tweed, though the Silk Mohair is also to die for....

p.s. Since posting this blog I have had several kind people email me with information where I can find the very yarns I mention above in the Uk and France so I thought I should pass the information along.   

If you're still thinking that maybe you could join us for Jessie Chorley's workshop, Usable Treasures, at the beginning of September, we recently sent out her workshop description to existing participants and it sounded so exciting we wanted to share from it with you.
"I am very much looking forward to returning to France for another workshop in the inspiring studio and surroundings of LSA.  This year my workshop will focus on creating pieces from discarded and found papers and combining these with embroidery and found objects. During your time at LSA we will also have trips out to source vintage finds, books fabrics etc."

We feel so fortunate to be hosting workshops with only those artists and teachers whose work we really admire and who are also a joy to work alongside.  Jessie comes high on that list and whilst she does the occasional one or two day event in the UK (she led a taster  today at John Lewis, London) the opportunity to share five full days of her creativity is a whole different experience.  

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