Monday, 10 December 2012

... and then the page turner....

Lots of entries to Friday's question, "In what year did Julie Arkell lead her first workshop for Les Soeurs Anglaises?" but only three people got it right!  The answer was 2008.  

 So let's get a little literary.......  In July of next year we have a supremely gifted novelist visiting from the United States to lead our very first writing workshop, The Inside Story.  Ron Carlson has been likened to "Hemingway without the misogyny and self-parody"  by the Washington Post.    

He has fine-tuned his writing method over 30 years of pursuing his art and practicing his craft;  three decades that have led to literary accolades such as books landing regularly on the best-of-the-year lists in the US and honors such as the Aspen Prize for Literature. His latest novel, The Signal, seems poised to take advantage of the acclaim the previous book, Five Skies, received.  As associate professor of English at UCI he is in great demand in his native America as a workshop leader but his visit to Les Soeurs Anglaises will be his first teaching event in Europe and would be the perfect gift for someone who writes (or would like to learn how to).

To win a copy of both Five Skies and The Signal, as well as a 10% discount if your choose to join us for Ron Carlson's workshop you simply need to be the first person to answer correctly today's question.  Every correct entry will be given a £20 discount on any workshop place still available:

What the title and in which year was Ron Carlson's first novel published in the United States?

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