Wednesday, 12 December 2012

... one little bird and counting...

The answer to Question 5 is, of course, the amazing Janet Bolton!  Lots of correct entries this time, one lucky winner!

So have a go at this one, though it requires some searching.....

In August 2013 Les Soeurs are really looking forward to introducing a fantastic new workshop leader into our fold.  Jone Hallmark is a super-talented, eclectic artist and stitcher.   You simply can't button-hole her as she is always creating and making something new and wonderful!  When she's not drawing or painting or designing fabric or sewing, she's jotting beautiful handwritten notes in one of her to-die-for sketchbooks.  Her boundless enthusiasm and articulate encouragement is a joy to work alongside.

Her workshop with us is already beginning to fill up with cognoscenti but we still have a few places left and if you are the first to answer correctly today's question, not only will you win this perfect little bird box she has made specially, but also a 10% discount on her workshop.  So here goes:

What month and year did "Alice and the Caterpillar" appear on Jone Hallmark’s blog?  

Answer to:

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  1. What a range Jone seems to have - I am off to check out her bloggy now.