Thursday, 20 December 2012

... a grand finale.....

We were very surprised that so few people could find Rebecka Ryberg Skott's photograph yesterday because it was there on our website - the last picture on the Food and Drink slide show.  However, we do have a winner and that's the important thing, and tomorrow we will be announcing all 12 winners of our Christmas Countdown Competition.  In fact, there will be three winners to today's questions so 14 prizes in all.......

We have so enjoyed putting together this little quiz, and from the number of entrants and feedback we're getting so have lots of you.  Anyway, we hope in the process of looking for the answers that you have learned a little more about us and the Les Soeurs Anglaises venue, and that it has whetted your appetite to join us for one of the exciting workshops we are hosting next year.   If you have any questions we are always happy to answer them and we look forward to welcoming many of you.  

So, for the final time this festive season here is the three part question.... but a small caveat:  you will need to answer all three questions correctly and be amongst the first three to email them back to us in order to win one of our special prizes, which include a set of three Les Soeurs Anglaises Haberdashery Bags containing a magnet, unpicker and safety pins;  a little group of Jone Hallmark's handmade birds; and finally three vintage,  initialled French linen tea towels.

So here goes:

On which three of our 2013 workshop web pages will you find these quotes:
  1. “…..will demonstrate over the five days of the workshop how to weave together truly memorable and inspiring narratives.”  
  2. “I love to mix up ideas, techniques and materials to make quirky, personal objects of significance.” 
  3. "….initially experimenting with a variety of writing tools and using a series of exercise to explore techniques, participants will discover the joy of mark making."

Local ladies enjoying a cup of tea and Christmas cake whilst making their Les Soeurs Anglaises' angels.

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  1. Thanks you soeurs,for the tea and angel party,so much fun,so much creativity,and so much delicious cake!!