Friday, 14 December 2012

...let's drink to that...

Yesterday's question was posted later than normal to give our American cousins a chance of winning. The answer to the question, in which city and on which street is Jessie Chorley's shop, is Columbia Road, London.

As participants you may be staying in a beautiful area of S W France, but part of the promise we give at Les Soeurs Anglaises is that not only will you learn or improve a skill you love, but that we will take you on a gastronomic journey through each day.

Whilst there is generally meat or fish on offer, our menus are culled from an array of influences from the Mediterranean to the Far East and are generally worked around delicious organic fruit and vegetables that arrive, whenever possible, fresh from our own potager (we scatter herbs and garlic around with abandon).  Mike Armitage, Katie's husband, ran the popular Interesting Wine Club in London for years and hand-picks all the wines served and if you take oenology a tad more seriously then you’ll be able to check out some of the wines from his fabulous cellar. 

Talking of wines brings us to our Question 8 and the prize will be a charming  hand made small fruit bowl made especially for us, with our hare motif (see below):

Who is the celebrated wine critic who participated in the Gastronmic Weekend at Les Soeurs Anglaises in 2007 in aid of The Cambodian Childrens Trust and what the age of the oldest Champagne served (year) at the event? 

answer to:

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