Thursday, 13 December 2012

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The find the answer to yesterday's question you needed to trawl through Jone Hallmark's blog and you no doubt discovered how relentlessly creative she is.   The month and year that Alice and the Caterpillar appeared was October, 2009  

Today's question is about one of our new workshop leaders, a gifted and creative stitcher who already has an enthusiastic and faithful following, both in the UK and abroad.  

In her own words, "Surroundings, places, times and memories of both past and present are key factors in my making process. What experiences surround me at the time of making my work is incredibly important to the final result".  We're sure that the ambience at Les Soeurs Anglaises will add yet another dimension to her inspirational work and teaching.  

In which city, and on which street will you find Jessie Chorley’s J&B Shop?  

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