Thursday, 12 December 2013

….christmas quiz day four…….

Congratulations all those of you who guessed that yesterday's beautiful book cover, stitched with her own dyed threads, was made by Claire Wellesley-Smith.   You can see much more of the exquisite colours she dyes her found and re-found fabrics - which she then uses to create intricate hand-stitched collages - in the equally beautiful photographs taken of her work and posted regularly on her blog. 

We are so looking forward to Claire leading her first workshop for us in May of next year, Slow Colour and Stitch.  It's going to be a cracker.

But as we push on to Christmas, here is

This workshop leader has more energy and talent than there are squares in this gorgeous quilt.  She'll tell you that her greatest passion when assembling fabrics is colour, but her checkered career in the arts has given her an especially infectious delight in re-inventing  textiles of all shades - both beloved and neglected - and then sharing her multifarious skills with all those who love stitch. 

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  1. Why, that stunning quilt is the work of my best mate the wonderful Christine Green, multi talented designer indeed!