Monday, 9 December 2013

….day one…..

To kick this competition into court, let's start with a piece of work with a seasonal element by someone who most of you know either by her International reputation for color and composition, or are lucky enough to count amongst your possessions something she has designed (or maybe you have even made yourself) …….

Just email us with who you think designed this piece and, if you're correct, we'll put your name in our Christmas hat.

Don't forget to check out this blog every day for more questions (and prizes!).

Meanwhile, if you're living or visiting Wales in the next couple of months,  we recommend a visit to the newest exhibition "On My Mother's Knee", at Llantarnam Grange Arts Gallery, Cwmbranwhich opened on Saturday and will run until 11 January 2014Artists include two of our most popular workshop leaders, Julie Arkell  and Jessie Chorley.

Many makers grow up surrounded by materials and sewing paraphernalia, taught by their mothers and grandmothers to sew, knit, embroider, quilt and crochet.  Techniques learnt on their mother’s knee give these makers a unique identity and a shared past. Their pieces speak of  women’s work and domestic heritage as well as friendship, love and joy. The concept and execution of this show is an inspiration.

You can find more information on their website and there is a beautiful catalogue available which you might like to add to your arts and crafts library.

(please note this illustration is not part of Les Soeurs Anglaises' competition)


  1. Dear Katie, you find wonderful words to explain where makers have come from..... and the blog is beautiful! Hope to see you again next year

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely message, but I will need you to email me with your answer to enter the competition:
      I'll then put your name in the hat and you have a chance of winning a prize! Bon chance!
      Katie x