Sunday, 15 December 2013

….. christmas quiz day seven…..

The days seem to be speeding up and so do your answers to our competition questions.   Literally dozens of you guessed - correctly - that yesterday's fab little squares are the handiwork of super-knitter and designer, Marion Foale who will be leading her second workshop (due to popular demand!), Knitted Jewels, next October.  

Maybe Sunday's puzzle won't be so easy, though the workshop leader whose work is featured below has led a hugely successful event for us in the past, and will be returning next year with something a little different.   

In fact, she is so multi-talented that it's almost impossible to pigeon-hole her with one illustration; we're hoping you'll need to do your homework to find the answer to

Who drew these wonderful festive birds and symbols?


  1. My guess is Rosalind Wyatt, and it is truly a guess!

  2. No searching there.... that's Jone's art.

  3. Looks like Jone to glad we got to meet this summer!

    1. Yes, indeed, Mary. Your name has been popped into the hat again. Kx