Tuesday, 10 December 2013

…. christmas quizday 2….

The answer to yesterday's competition question was, of course, Patricia Roberts whose timeless designs and fabulously colored knitting patterns have made her garments family heirlooms (we know women whose grand-daughters are now wearing PR sweaters that were knitted in the the seventies!).  Well done all of you who got it right;  your names will now go into a hat.

Let's see how you do today…..

You'll need to search a little harder for the creator of this wonderful work.  Although this workshop leader is well known for her beautiful stitching (Fortnum and Mason were recently decorated with some of her needlework), she is also an aficionado of traditional Japanese brushwork.  As participants discovered this year, a few days working alongside her can literally change your life.  


  1. I do believe that the correct answer could be Rosalind Wyatt.

    Her work is extraordinary.

  2. the beautiful work of Rosalind Wyatt

    1. Yes, indeed Hannah, but I will need you to email me with your answer to enter the competition:
      I'll then put your name in the hat and you have a chance of winning a prize! Good luck.