Tuesday, 17 December 2013

…. christmas quiz LAST DAY!!...

Most everyone guessed correctly that the beautiful hand-embroidered dress of Question Eight was the work of the delightfully talented Jessie Chorley.  Jessie is returning to lead another five-day workshop for us, Usable Treasures, at the beginning of September next year and we can hardly wait.  She is such a pleasure to be around, and a huge inspiration to stitchers of all levels.  Meanwhile her shop in Columbia Road, London is chock-a-block full of Christmas goodies so if you are in the area, we thoroughly recommend a visit.

Which takes us up to our last Christmas Competition quiz and we thought you should have something festive and easy.  This lady has been on the Crafts Council's list of makers since 1985 and her work has been exhibited all over the world (in fact she is just back from Japan!).

So whose Christmas stitchery is this?

Don't forget you can still enter all the previous days' questions as long as you make it clear on your emails to us  which day you are entering.  Winners' names will be plucked from our now enormous hat and we'll let them know by email.  We'll also post a list on this blog within the next few days.


  1. Janet Bolton? I can't wait for her workshop.

  2. Janet Bolton....sigh.....such admiration for her....would like to find a way to take her workshop.....xo

  3. Janet Bolton!! It is a dream of mine to be at this workshop.

  4. It is a wonderful example of Janet Bolton's work.